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Wednesday, August 1st 2012

3:41 PM

Underage rapidshare


Related article: dentist's office all afternoon, Do you darling?" Francine stated. He had
been trapped.
"Well, it's done then, hurry up Ajit and wash up," Jane stated.
After the light lunch and after Jane and the boys had left, Ajit
turned on the television and underage teen thumb
sat on the rattan chair. He really didn't
think that he wanted to be alone with Francine, but then there was nothing
that he could do. Francine came from her room and stood in front of Ajit,
"Well, young man, do you want to go sightseeing?" she asked. Ajit noticed
that she had changed her morning dress and now wore a blue tube-top and
beige slacks.
"That would be nice, " he answered looking down at the floor and
blushing. He had not been able to look Francine in the eye all morning.
She knelt down in front of him, cupped his chin in her hand and
raised his head so that he was forced to look at her. nudist underage kids He noticed that she,
too seemed slightly flushed. "Are you . . . . angry with me?" she asked
"N. . . o," he stammered.
"Did you not enjoy last night?" she asked in her silky underage lol tgp voice.
"No . . . I mean . . . yes. . . " he stammered, again his eyes
looked again at the floor. He was so confused. He began to tremble.
"Are you ashamed?"
"I . . . I don't know."
"There's nothing to be ashamed about, you know." Again she raised
his face again so that his gaze met hers and added, "It was beautiful."
Her eyes were soft, almost hypnotic. "She is beautiful he thought,
but . . . " Her closeness, her smell and the images underage illegal portal of the previous night
caused him to tremble even more.
A warm, knowing smile suffused her face. "My darling, was that the
first time?" she asked.
"Yessss . . ."he acknowledged, and again dropped his head.
"Oh, my sweet darling," she cooed and wrapped her arms around him,
his head in the hollow of her neck. She rocked him gently. "It was so
beautiful. . . soooo beautiful," she whispered in his ear as her hands
began to gently knead his back.
Her breath against his ear had the same effect as the night
before. His trembling became almost uncontrollable. He could feel the soft
swell of her breasts against his chest. His mind whirled in conflicting
thoughts and seething emotions. Her hands continued to explored his back
and neck. Francine lightly kissed that most sensitive spot just below his
ear. His eyes snapped shut. The touch of her hot lips sent a delicious
spasm throughout his body. She lowered her hands to the small of his back
and gently pulled him towards her, off the chair so that he too was
kneeling. Not only her breasts, but he could now feel the her belly against
his. Her tongue flicked out of her mouth and traced the outline of his ear.
Ajit issued a low groan and his hands which until then had been
hanging limp encircled her waist. It was not a conscious action, but one
came from some deep primal urge. Francine's hot moist tongue then
insinuated itself into his ear. This time Ajit's groan was more
audible. Some how the heat of her tongue and transferred its fiery message
to his groin. He became aware that his cock was swelling. Francine, too,
became aware of the obvious physical transformation and began to gently
move her hips from side to side. At the same time she began to lavish his
neck with light kisses punctuated with trailing her hot tongue in small
circles. Ajit's back involuntarily arched and he clasped Francine even
closer to him. Any negative thoughts that he had had were quickly being
supplanted by her passionate ministrations.
Francine's underaged porn girls lips traveled from his neck to his eyes, then his nose,
back to his neck, underaged porn girls
and to his chin again. He was breathless. His breathing
came in short gasps through his slightly opened mouth. Then her lips
covered his and her hot tongue darted into his mouth. The action was
electric. Never had he, even in his wildest dreams, imagined that a kiss
could feel like this! He opened his mouth further allowing her tongue to
explore all the recesses of his mouth, groaning all the while. Francine
pulled away. He opened his eyes. A brilliant smile lolta underage suffused her face and
her eyes were misty pools. She slowly brought her parted lips to his,
gazing intently, even pleadingly he thought, into his eyes. This time the
tip of her tongue only barely touched his inner lip. His tongue tentatively
touched hers and at the touch her tongue retreated. He followed and their
two tongues danced within her mouth. The sensation was delicious. Their
erotic tongue dance brought
moans, this time also from Francine. This fueled Ajit's already burning
Suddenly, Francine disengaged herself. Ajit's eyes widened in
surprise. "What did I do wrong?" he asked himself.
She smiled, reached down, seized the bottom of his jersey and
pulled it off, over his head. She again sat back and gazed at his
broadening lightly muscled teak colored torso punctuated by his dusky-brown
aureoles with their erect nipples, and at the base his inset navel. cartoon underage sex
torso was hairless and satiny smooth. underage illegal portal Francine reached out and with the
light touch of her fingertips began to trace some unknown pattern over his
torso. His breathing again deepened, sometimes in gasps as he watched her
fingers roam over his chest and abdomen. Francine bent over and with the
tip of her tongue traced the darkened circle and over the hardening
nipple. Ajit gulped when her lips covered his tit and sucked it lightly
into her mouth, her tongue frantically licking the nipple even in her
mouth. A kind of warm electricity suffused his being. His eyes closed and
his head was thrown back when she moved to the other nipple.
She withdrew and he slowly opened his eyes in time to see her cartoon underage sex draw
the blue tube over her head, freeing her breasts. She sat there, hands in
her lap, regarding Ajit as his eyes riveted on those glorious orbs, yet
firm, milky white with bright pink centers and nipples the size of
raspberries. He glanced up into her eyes and noticed her self-assured
smile. He reached out and tentatively touched one of her breasts with his
fingertips. Francine slowly, deliberately closed her eyes. With a bit more
assurance he cupped one in his hands, then both of them. lightly he rolled
the two nipples between his thumb and forefinger. His action, the sight of
her breasts in his trembling hands sent galvanic shocks to his groin.
Francine uttered a primal moan and her head began to rock slowly
from side to side. The effect that his hands had upon her stoked underage little model even
higher the fires of his growing passion. He was fully erect. He cupped his
hands under her right breast and lifted it slightly. He felt fueled by a
primal underage incest sex urge. Bending forward his tongue lightly licked the erect nipple. It
was strangely hard and soft at the same time. He sucked it lightly between
his lips and continued to lick it with his tongue.
"Ohhh, . . . yes, yessss," came the deep throated reply. She
grasped his head and pressed it against her breast. For some minutes Ajit
explored with both his hands and mouth Francine's luxurious breasts. Her
body swayed under his erotic exploration as a cobra sways to the music of
the charmer. Sometimes her vocalizations were recognizable, most times they
were deep guttural moans. Then, breathlessly, she said, no she commanded
him to, "Stand up."
As an automaton, completely in her control, he did her bidding. She
deftly untied the cord of his light cotton trousers, inserted her fingers
beneath the waistband of both his trousers and under briefs, manipulated
them over his bulging cock and drew them down to his ankles. In an
involuntarily move of modesty, Ajit cupped his hands over his distended
dick. Gently Francine pulled his hands away.
"No, my darling, it's too beautiful to hide."
The thought that his cock could be beautiful had never occurred to
Ajit. He observed his tumid extension as her fore finger gently touched the
slit opening. His cock jumped. She smiled and gently encircled the
throbbing scepter with her fingers and slightly squeezed. Again it jumped
in its confines. Slowly she moved her encircling fingers to the base and
back up towards the crown. His ample foreskin slid over his cockhead
creating a puckered extension. Rhythmically, her hand ascended and
descended. all the while her eyes darted from that delicious tool to Ajit's
face assessing her actions. The feeling of her hand on his cock sent Ajit's
being spiraling upward. His knees began to quiver, his whole underage nude asian body began to
sway and quickly he widened his stance so as not underage nude stars
to topple.
Francine then licked the swollen, purplish cockhead, bring an
explosive exhaling of breath from Ajit. She moved her lips down the whole
length, burying her nose in his cock hairs and inhaling their perfume. Her
retreating lips drew the foreskin back over the turgid head. Her tongue
darted out and lightly forced its way into that puckered sheath. She
glanced up at Ajit's face. His eyes were closed.
"Watch me, my darling, watch me," she commanded. Ajit opened his
eyes and watched as again her tongue insinuated itself into the wrinkled
opening, gently pushing it back beyond the flaring crown. He watched has
her tongue circled his cockhead sending one luscious sensation after
another throughout his whole being. Faster and faster she circled his
cockhead, which brought moan after moan from his lips. Then she plunged his
cock deep down her throat. The sensation was too much.
"Arghhhh . . . "exploded from his lips, cartoon underage sex
his eyes involuntarily
snapped shut. Then he felt a hand cup, and then manipulate his balls while
another slowly ran up and down the inside of his thigh. His knees began to
buckle and the trembling that had first come to him returned with shocking
vigor. Without removing his cock from her pistoning mouth, Francine
encircled Ajit's hips, cupped his firm ass cheeks in her hands and crawled
backwards, gently forcing Ajit to stumble with her.
She removed her mouth from his cock and said gently, "Lay down." He
did, and she crawled between his splayed legs, lifting his knees and again
lowered her mouth on his aching, bobbing cock. Suddenly she underage nude asian
lifted her
mouth from his cock and just as suddenly began to lick his lightly haired
balls. The sensation rocketed Ajit's hips off the floor as his heels dug in
to suspend him. She moved back to his cock and he relaxed. But she had
replaced her tongue with palpitating fingers on his ball sack. His head
rolled from side to side on that erotic roller coaster. Abruptly her
palpitating fingers moved downward to that sensitive area just behind the
hanging balls and lightly moved about. Her mouth pistoned and twisted up
and down the shaft of his cock. He groaned uncontrollably. Her fingers
began to move even underage rapidshare
farther downwards, stopping at the tightly puckered
private opening. She lightly drew her nails back and forth over that tense
"What are you doing?" he gasped.
She lifted her mouth from his cocking with a popping sound. "Relax
. . . . . doesn't it feel good?" she asked.
"Yes, . . . . but . . ."
"Between two people who are making love nothing underage nudiest is wrong unless it
causes pain," she interrupted. Her hand kept up the light scratching touch
while the other replaced her mouth on his cock. "Do you like how I make you

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Wednesday, August 1st 2012

12:00 AM

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